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. >> okay. >> you're welcome. >>> coming up here on this saturday afternoon, he's back! marc sanford disappeared along the appalachian trail so he said only to come back to face a major scandal. the reporter who first caught him in the lie back in 2009, one of the best reporters in this country, she's going join me next. >>> and next, she wrote the inaugural poem for the first inauguration and now she reflects on president obama's second. maya angelou, you are watching msnbc. maya angelou will join me on the other side of this break. [ kimi ] atti and i had always called oregon home. until i got a job in the big apple. becoming a fulltime indoor cat wasn't easy for atti. but he had purina cat chow indoor. he absolutely loved it. and i knew he was getting everything he needed to stay healthy indoors. and after a couple of weeks, i knew we were finally home! [ female announcer ] purina cat chow indoor. and for a delicious way to help maintain a healthy weight, try new purina cat chow healthy weight. i love the fact that quicken loans provides va loans. quicken loans understood the deta
indiscretion. this morning after scandal brought him down former south carolina governor mark sanford tries to rebuild his shattered political career. we'll show you the job he has in mind and hear jenny sanford's advice for her ex-husband. >>> and walmart makes an offer to america's veterans. when you get out of uniform, come and work for us. we'll get reaction from two veterans who need a job on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by h&r block. come see what a difference our tax expertise can make. and i'm like "who did this to you?" don't worry, i'll fix it. i'll go back three years... and get you every single deduction out there. [ nyquil bottle ] you know i relieve coughs sneezing, fevers... [ tylenol bottle ] me too! and nasal congestion. [ tissue box ] he said nasal congestion. yeah...i heard him. [ female announcer ] tylenol® cold multi-symptom nighttime relieves nasal congestion. nyquil® cold and flu doesn't. you won't run into deals this big just anywhere. slide on in for sears big weekend event. save up to 30% off appl
you very much. a great pleasure having you on. former governor mark sanford said he is scared to death and calls himself a wounded warrior. but he said he is ready for a political come back to fight the scandalous affair that ruined his marriage and career. we will tell you more about his plans coming up. zero dark 30 director is answering critics who slammed her for including torture scenes in the movie. something we thought you should know. what are you doing? nothing. are you stealing our daughter's school supplies and taking them to work? no, i was just looking for my stapler and my... this thing. i save money by using fedex ground and buy my own supplies. that's a great idea. i'm going to go... we got clients in today. [ male announcer ] save on ground shipping at fedex office. pull out the paper and...what!!?? an article that says a typical family pays $155,000 in "wall street" fees on their 401(k)s? seriously? seriously. you don't believe it? search it, "401k 155k." then go to e-trade. and roll over your old 401(k)s to a new e-trade retirement account. we have every type of reti
has divorced and now is engaged. but sanford said that three and a half years later he hopes that the voters will judge him on the years he spent here as governor, trying to control government spending and for his three earlier terms in congress. >> i may be granted a second chance in life. and what a blessing that would be. the inferenceness, at some level, you know you will be a human piniata. >> reporter: san ford has advantages in a gop run off. >> hes that money to get his message out and the visibility that people will pay attention. the bad news, of course, is that he has baggage. >> reporter: sanford's ex-wife jenny denies rumors that she will run for the same seat. >> i will not run, i have no interest in running for congress. >> reporter: she said how well her husband answers the questions he will face will make or break his campaign. mark potter, nbc news. south carolina. >> all right, mark, thank you so much from south carolina. for more on the south carolina race, i want to bring in my frequent, former chairman of the republican party, an adviser to the rick perr
and city of sanford says go to thank you for the trip -- work you do and for being an inspiration to all of us who are working in public safety to continue what you were doing. you really are the modern-day heroes. thank you very much. it is a pleasure to be here and in honor. -- an honor. [applause] >> thank you, paul. the chiefs took a third of my pager was going to talk about. the commission took the other third. that gives me time to acknowledge people that i saw here this evening. thank you. some of the retired, micki griffin, a larry ryan. there is one gentleman here that i have to mention. that is deputy chief santos. thank you. [applause] this is not the kind of ceremony that he will ast we ask you to l the end to applause. i want you to jump up and down. do not read anything, because we will have to pay for it. but the know we appreciate them. i'm going to get right to it. first up, john garrity. i would like to have sergeant beretta, brian, morris and johnson up on the stage, please. capt. garity will redo the award citation. -- will read the award citation. >> good evening. on
in half. it's been cut to $11.5 million. >>> what do mark sanford, chris christie and ed markey all have in common? they're among the candidates in races to watch for 2013. good morning. 12k3w good morning. >> mark sanford has been gone since 2009, but he put out a statement yesterday saying i am running because our country's future is at stake. how good are his chances? >> they're actually not that bad. mark sanford represented a lot of this terrorist when he was in the house for six years in the 19 # 0s. he has a national fundraising network and from eight years as governor, his name id is through the roof. he actually has an upper hand in this primary. the question will be whether voters are willing to forget some of his previous transgressions, whether hiking in the an des or not. >>> democrats have lined up behind ed markey, so is scott brown going to throw his hat in the ring. >> it's possible. scott brown is faced with a choice, he can either run for the senate seat or try running for the governor again. it's really a tough decision for him because if he loses another state wide r
concerning south carolina and the announcement that mark sanford is going to be throwing his hat into the ring, running for congress there. the first congressional district, still speculation of whether jenny sanford will be running for that same post, his ex-wife. he resigned from his governorship after personal entanglements with a mistress and divorcing his wife. now i'm hearing she's not running. so she's not out officially yet but she isn't running for that seat but he is officially in. sir, what's your reaction to knowing that he's trying to get his foot back into politics? >> well, i'm not surprised at this at all. i do believe that there is still a support base there in many quarters for mark sanford. i doubt, though, that he will be as successful as he was in the past. there are a lot of republicans who will be in that race. now, the question is how many get in and how much of the vote gets diluted in order to determine whether or not his base will get him into the top two people which i think is what's going to be required to get a nominee. i think that the democrats wi
. >>> jenny sanford says she will not run for congress from south carolina against her ex-husband, mark sanford. she says, quote, i think my job as mom right now is much more important. >>> ann romney, wife of the republican presidential candidate, said during the 2012 campaign that she was a big fan of "dancing with the stars," but it's reported that romney said no to an invitation for her to appear as a contestant on that show. >>> former president bill clinton was a big hit at "the golden globes" and also popular backstage after his appearance on the broadcast. actress clare danes says she was invited to meet clinton in a private room. actress jessica alba was already in the room and so was actress rosario dawson. and that's your morning dish of "scrambled politics." >>> and now for a look at the weather, here's nbc meteorologist dylan dreyer. good morning. >> good morning to you. it has been really nice across the east coast. above average. it hasn't been exceptionally warm. we've been missing the sunshine, that's for sure. we are going to see most of our rain today just south of ne
. >>> mark sanford is expected to announce today that he'll return to politics. sanford will run for his old congressional seat. he resigned four years ago following revelations of an extramarital affair. >>> robert gleesing is scheduled to die today in virginia's electric chair for killing a cell mate. the supreme court is being asked by his lawyers to block the execution saying he's not competent to waive his appeals. >>> over to wall street. the dow opens at 13,534 after gaining 27 points yesterday. the s&p 500 and nasdaq were mixed. overseas markets were down today. nikkei shot down 278 points while the hang seng fell 24. >>> a late day boost pushed the s&p 500 to a five year high. we'll see if that trend conditions when goldman sachs and j.p. morgan chase defend the best of the breed titles with the fourth quarter earnings reports due out before the bell. jp morgan is expected to release the findings of an internal review on the whale trade debacle that led to $6 billion in losses last year. >>> bonuses for several thousand morgan stanley workers railroad reportedly arrive in the form o
's governing body is also urging armstrong to talk to its investigators. >>> mark sanford launches his political comeback today. you may recall back in 2009, sanford disappeared and later admitted to having an affair with a woman in argentina. today, he's announcing his bid to win back his old seat in congress. >>> well, the president's limo undergoing a subtle but significant change this inauguration weekend. mr. obama's official vehicles will carry the d.c. license plate that reads, taxation without repation. the city protested the voting member in congress. >>> chelsea clinton taking a high-profile role in the inauguration. she is getting americans across the country engaged in their communities. clinton will be headlining this event at the national mall on saturday. >>> there are important, new clues this morning in the search for an autism cure. new research confirms some children who get an early diagnose know sis can outgrow the disease by the time they were adults. researchers are trying to determine what made the difference in those children's lives. >>> as the flu sweeps acro
the extramarital affair and this morning mark sanford is plotting the political come back. >> first we are continuing to follow breaking news from london a helicopter crashes into a crane and slammed into the ground. the latest on the flames, the wreckage and the victims. >> if san jose police are investigating an attempted kidnapping. a mom has a tug of war with a stranger in order to live from the kgo broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good wednesday morning at 6:29. starting our day the sun is about to rise. come on. come on. come on. almost up! it will be warmer. we promise. thanks for joining us, i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. i join mike predicting the sun will rise. in the east. >> and then all will be happy but for the possibility of poor air quality in between. first, a look at live doppler 7 hd showing it is dry. no clouds. no rain drops. we have frost with temperatures in low to upper 30's. by noon, low-to-mid 50's. poor quality inland. we start frosty at 26 to 36 hanging out in the mid-to-upper 50's in the afternoon. headed to the coast we are in the mid-to-uppe
for the hodges and the sanford families. he did the same for many of you. chamberlain branch became a staple of the residence. not for his job but for who he was. he greeted many of you and other south carolinians in a way that was godly and unforgettable. he made everyone feel special and welcome. most importantly, to this mom, he was the person my children couldn't wait to see when they got home and the one who truly turned that house into a home for us. our family was blessed by his unselfish kindness to our children and everyone he came in contact with. by now, you all know that chamberlain was tragically killed in december and our hearts remain broken. chamberlain has three young children, chyann, chaniya who were staples running averaged the house and we're blessed to have us tonight, his amazing wife, cherisse. please join us and the hodges and sanford families in recognizing cherisse and saying to chamberlain, one of the kindest best men we ever knew that while you will forever be missed, you will never be forgotten. cherisse? [ applause ] we've, through lillian koller and the depart
, especially in the young. >> what started out as a cold for jude sanford quickly turned into a trip to the emergency room. rebecca and steven sanford are jude's parents. >> he's a 6-month-old little boy who was running nearly a 104 temp and was struggling to breathe. just really concerned so got him here as quick as we could. >> arkansas children's hospital is in the middle of a flu epidemic but jude was fighting a different infection called rsv or respiratory syncytial virus. it attacks the lung. >> being sick has not been fun for you. >> dr. michelle moss helped take care of jude. she says right now more babies are in the intensive care unit for rsv instead of flu. >> little tiny babies, newborns. we'll see them actually stop breathing and oftentimes that can be the first symptom of rsv. >> jude was placed on a ventilator because he could hardly breathe and he quickly deteriorated. his parents were called to the bed site at 3:00 in the morning. >> for us to call them in the middle of the night, i knew -- i felt like it was over that he was not going to make it.
pook to tell us about that. >> reporter: what started out as a simple cold for infant jude sanford quickly turned into a visit to the emergency room. rebekah and stephen sanford are his parents. >> we had a six-week-old little boy who was running nearly a 104-degree temperature and was struggling to breathe, and so just really concerned. so got him here as quick as we could. >> reporter: arkansas children's hospital is in the middle of a flu epidemic, but jude was fighting a different infection called r.s.v., or respiratory syncytial virus. it attacks the lungs, and, each year, it causes up to 125,000 hospitalizations and more than 200 deaths in babies under age one. dr. michelle moss helped take care of jude. she says right now more babies are in the intensive care unit for r.s.v. than for the flu. >> little tiny babies, newborns, we'll see them actually stop breathing. and oftentimes that can be the first symptom of r.s.v. >> reporter: jude was placed on a ventilator to help him breathe, but he quickly deteriorated and his parents were called to the bedside at 3:00 in the morning. >> for
"o" at the golden globes. it's no surprise mark sanford is back in the news. >> i've been unfaithful to my wife. >> reporter: despite his teary confession he's now running for congress. martha stewart went to jail for insider trading but she and her inmate crocheted poncho bounced back with a tv show and a successful line of products for macy's. >> go, martha. >> reporter: cheaters never prosper, watch >> did i ever consider cheating? honestly, yes. >> yes, i would, i would most definitely consider cheating. >> yes. >> reporter: these kids inadvertently promoted a hollywood movie about cheating on your s.a.t.s. the star, scarlet johansson. >> you want to steal the answers to the test. >> reporter: fantasy? no. i can't count how many stories i've done on cheating. many students would rather cheat than fail. this young woman who asked us not to use her name or university was a cheater. >> a lot of students they feel very stressed and pressured and they kind of get cornered and they trap themselves or they mentally trap themselves and they feel like they have no other
: former south carolina first lady jenny sanford said she will not run for congress. jenny sanford's decision avoideds a potentially messy campaign against her ex-husband. you say potentially messy. how about potentially freaking awesome. how about so potentially freaking awesome that tennessee williams would come back from dead to write about it. i'm sorry i just need to be alone for awhile. >> it looks like hubby is going to run though. and he gave an interview yesterday saying that you know, the jim demint leaving for the heritage foundation and tim scott being appointed to replace him and therefore opening the appalachian trail for mark sanford to get back into politics seeless the hand of god in all of this. i don't think what he used to call seeing the hand of god in things. he could continue to get the hand of god. >> stephanie: charlie pierce, is he with the argentinian mistress still? >> i believe he is. >> i believe he is. >> stephanie: wow. >> she would be the new first whatever. this is not the governorship again. >> no. she would become the queen of the beltway. >> tha
that mark sanford will re-enter politics. now our very own peter hammy was the first to break all this back in december saying it was a done deal. now the standard is reporting that mark sanford will run for the house seat that was held by tim scott. ""the weekly standard"" said he'll make this run official in the next few days. you'll remember that then governor sanford was reported missing and later admitted he had an affair with a woman in argentina. i bumped into him at the republican convention. he told me he missed being in the arena. sounded very much like a man way back in august who wanted to get back in the middle. >> i wonder thou is going to play out. will people forget? will people forgive? >> they certainly won't forget. you don't forget something like that. >> and he's engaged to that woman now. >> he? >> yes. all right. 21 minutes past the hour. will he or won't he? only lance armstrong knows for sure. when armstrong sits down for an interview with oprah winfrey today, he'll finally admit using performance enhancing drugs while winning seven tour de france titles. the confes
governor mark sanford expected to announce today that he's running for congress. sanford's political career really imploded in 2009 after he disappeared and later admitted he was having an affair with a woman in argentina. just this week, his ex-wife decided against challenging sanford for his old house seat. jenny sanford said it would be more productive to focus on raising her child than running for the house. and despite her recents health scare, bill clinton says hillary is doing great. he made a bold prediction about theo outgoing secretary of stat. >> she's always been very, very healthy and she has very low blood pressure. i tell her that she's still got time to have three more husbands after me. so i think she'll live to be 120. >> hillary clinton as you know is recovering from a blood clot in her head. >>> in englewood, california, a woman -- a man, rather, has experienced his own version of reality tv. he was watching a high speed chase on television when all of a sudden the car with the cops in hot pursuit passed right in front of him. police eventually arrested the driver. said
on presidential vehicles throughout obama's second term. >>> former south carolina governor mark sanford makes it official today, that he's running for congress. sanford made national headlines, of course, when he disappeared for several days, supposedly on the appalachian trail. later admitted it was because he was having an affair in argentina. he's seeking the the seat vacated by tom scott. sanford's ex-wife, jenny, who governor haley also had on her short list of possible employees, told reporters she would not run for the house seat. here's why. >> the idea of killing myself to run for a seat for the privilege of serving in a dysfunctional body under john boehner whiff an eighth grader at home just really doesn't make sense to me. >> so there you have it. doesn't want to be hanging out with john boehner, okay. >>> next, the president and putin. how significant of a road block will russia be during the president's second term? we're going to do a little deep dive as we've been doing all week on the challenges ahead for the president's second term. today, the focus on foreign policy. and sp
out as a dear, dear friend from argentina. >> my interview with mark sanford. >> also, guns in america. the issue is not going away. i'll talk to the connecticut senator who says this. >> the fact is that the nra does not represent gun owners anymore. this is not your father's nra. >> and the irepressible hoda cuteeb. >> we're giving alcohol on the show. >> this is "piers morgan tonight." >> good evening. we begin with the big breaking news tonight. if you love armstrong, this is the moment you spent years and millions of dollars trying to avoid. the minute you admit to the world, you cheated, you doped, and you cheated and you doped. it's a story for the seven-time tour de france winner that has been played out live in the spotlight as he tells his story to oprah winfrey. watching the interview is a sports columnist for usa today and also he wrote september's cover story, i still believe in lance armstrong. and page, a criminal defense and constitutional attorney. i'll also talk to a man who knows the toll of a different kind of cheating. former governor mark sanford is back and he's
they will remain in their posts. >>> jenny sanford announced monday she is not running for coress in the state, governor mark sanford says he is running. jenny sanford said congress is dysfunctional and she can be more productive being a mom. >> the idea of killing myself to run for the seat for the privilege of serving under a dysfunctional body under john boehner, just being a mom is fine for me. >>> mark sanford resigned as governor of south carolina after admitting an affair with a woman from argentina. he's expected to announce his campaign in congress in the next few days. >>> the mystery surrounding the death of natalie wood made deeper again. it changes the official cause of death from accidental drowning to drowning and other undetermined factors, sights the presence of bruises on her body. she was found floating in the pacific island. lady gaga is taking heat for performing "alejandro" in vancouver, she was wearing a machine gun bra, she first wore that in the video single in 2010 but many are questioning wearing it again since she did so a month after the shooting in newtown. >> the
in honor of david shaw. >> you said you were going to route for sanford. >> actually that was well deserved. we'll take that. >> first bowl win in a long time. it's chilly throughout but we are feeling it this morning. >> very dry feeling. you may notice your hands or lips a little dry this morning. definitely what is happening. there is enough moisture coming out of the ground to create frost and thick frost. please be careful if you are heading out. no reports of black ice but we did have it monday when we had the same situation. sutro tower, live doppler 7-hd and see what we're getting as far as radar returns, they are all dry. no clouds out there right now. talk those temperatures. low to mid 40s around fremont, oakland, san francisco and half moon bay. we are above freezing in san san rafael at 36. 35 in antioch but freezing or below in los gatos, concord, fairfield and napa. around the monterey bay, mid-30s gilroy at about 32 degrees. let's talk about what is going to happen in this forecast cycle. frost in the morning hours, sunny this afternoon. slightly warmer thursday and friday.
for taxis or car mile jab. >> form are south carolina governor mark sanford is expected to announce he'll return to politics. he resigned four years following revelations of an extramarital affair. >> robert gleason is expected to go the electric chair. the supreme court is being asked by gleason's lawyer to block the execution saying he's not competent to waive his appeals. >>> the white house is changing the signature threshold from 25,000 to 100,000 for official responses to petition on its website. the other day a petition suggesting the construction of a star warriors death star got enough signatures for an official white house response. >>> the s&p got a five year high. we'll see if that trend continues. goldman sachs and jpmorgan chase defend the best of their proceed titles with fourth quarter earnings reports. bonuses for several morgan stanley workers will arrive in the form of an iou. they will pay out for high earning employees in installments over the next three years. the nation's credit ratings is heading downward. treasury secretary geithner warned the u.s. will reach i
. sanford football final reps here outside of los angeles, what tomorrow's rose bowl against wisconsin it'll be the cardinals first rose bowl appearance since 2000. 6-1/2 point favorites, stanford has not won the game since 1972. harvard and moraga facing st. mary's after bumping off cal. crimson up by 18. but the gails rally big, check mitchell young the stick back to break st. mary's to win one. five seconds left and it's michael young again that gets fouled with five seconds left and he nails both free throws, to win the game. 70-69 after a furious 14-2 run. we have a special top five tonight. the top five bay area sports moments for 2012. number five june 13, matt cain's perfect game. the first giant's victory to turn a game. a pack 12 championship to reach the rose bowl for the first time in 13 years. number three, the a's finish the sweep of the -- sweep of texas to finish the sweep of the a's. niners beat the saints in the play offs alex smith yes it's the vernon davis post with nine second left at a number one of course. october28, no surprise the giants sweep the tigers to win t
they were disappointed by the governor's actions calling it an affront to his victims. >>> sanford fans are celebrating the cardinal first rosebowl victory since 1972. they pulled ahead over the badgers and wisconsin was not able to close the gap. fans say they couldn't think of the better way to start off the new year. >>> we have developing news to report out of the santa cruz mountains where a rockslide is causing problems on highway 17. p newschopper2 was over the scene about 40 minutes ago on -- newschopper2 was over the scene about 40 minutes ago between redwood estates and summit road. one lane of the highway has been shut down after rocks tumbled on the road from the side. caltrans is there cleaning up the slide but they don't expect to reopen the lane until about:00 this afternoon. >>> another winter spare the air alert has been called for today. it's the second one in as many days. the district issued the alert which bans the use of fireplaces, wood stoves and any other wood-burning device. first-time violaters would be able to take a class, second violations result in a $500
interesting tour of elevators in sanford cisco. we have all gotten into an elevator, the doors have closed, and it has carried us to our destination. have you ever wondered how elevators were -- work? we check out the need outside the elevator using current technology and we learn about the latest destination elevated technology all here in san francisco. we will also visit the machinery where all the behind- the-scenes gears control these incredible machines. we are very fortunate today to have an expert with those who is going to walk us are around elevators in san francisco. can you tell us about the history of elevators in san francisco? the measure -- >> sure. the history of elevator technology evolves with the city. first elevators were installed for moving materials in the 1860's. in the 1870's, the first passenger elevator was installed, and that allowed building heights to go up to about seven floors. starting in the 18 eighties, 1890's, the first electric elevators were installed. that allowed for buildings to go up even higher, even more than 10 floors, and those were the first
need to take an action or is that the sanfords city attorney's determination? >> my understanding is that we would have to vote to release. >> >> what would be the approximate motion to accomplish that? >> i think the motion would be to release the document as redacted by miss herrick. before we do that, this was calendared as a single agenda item. i do take mr. menat shaw's point that they are separately enumerated within item no. 4. but i do think we can take them together. is that right, mr. givner? >> yes. >> okay. although it is sort of difficult to not take them in order. let's make the motion on whether or not to release the three pages as redacted by miss herrick. is there such a motion? >> so moved. to release the documents as redacted by miss herrick. >> second. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> opposed? hearing none, that motion passes and the record should be produced as redacted. as a result of having produced -- agreed to produces the record as redacted, i think we should address the issue of whether the failure to release these documents was a willful violation
in south carolina. g.o.p. candidates include former governor mark sanford seeking a return to politics after resigning over an extramarital affair four years ago the >>> of course we escaped the know yesterday but it was a far different store to our south. look at this. university of alabama, the students celebrating practice being cancelled with, what else, a massive snowball fight. they chucked snowballs for haffer an hour. then the snow started to melt. but it was fun while it lasted. >> it's always fun when you don't have to shovel! >> exactly. >> birmingham had two inches but chicago has had all year less than an inch and in d.c. going on two years of not even one inch in a snow storm the >> odd year. >> did someone turn the map upside down? >> hey, it's cold this evening but temperatures are not going to fall a whole lot more through the overnight hours. an indication that the winds are turning south southwest. the wind-chill factor in the middle 20's and if you head outside right now, this is what it is going to feel like monday for
to manipulate like that. donnie you're mark sanford said he would be announceing pom that he would run for congress for his old saturday. can he win? >> there is nothing that people like more than the redemption story. he'll walk out and say he found jesus. he regrets what he did he's still republican but everything is okay, so vote for me. >> jennifer: i'm sure that jenny sanford, his former wife. >> the smart one. >> jennifer: she's smart and she's not going to run against him, which i was looking forward to. but my guess is she will be a little bit leary about running in a primary or general election when all of the stuff comes out and is made public again. how can this guy do this to his family? >> exactly. particularly to his children. you know, donnie is right. people love redemption, resurrection. but he has not told enough people sorry and not enough time has gone by. i don't understand how he can do to his children. and if you ignore all of that, who is selling him that he'll get the women's vote. it is the year of the woman. >> all of the comedy writers jon stewart they're al
look like this, a soccer ball covered in spikes. sanford professor calls it's a hedgehog koi. explore mars biggest moon that is about the size of san francisco bay, and >> this is thousands of times less. >> mars vofrz wheels, wheels might not work. >> if you're to try to do a wheel system in low gravity, you can flip it over. you can just lose control it instead of rolling they are making hedgehog tumble, and hop. anda18v have started with a modl of how it will work. this is slowly drifting back down. >> next prototype will be in three dimension, researchers using what is a small model of the giant shipping cranes to simulate micro graph ti on a model. >> applying little force, i can move this system. >> their partners are working on a model. >> to study hopping on different surfaces so looked at doing that on concrete surfaces. >> it can help scientists learn where they came from, whetherxy;ñ humans could land there. >> it could be key in proving or disproving how the universe began. >> understanding where we're coming from. >> that is wild. >> coming up next, two things you can do
sanford bernstein notes the companies were successful in delaying customers from upgrading, but thinks those efforts waned in the holidays. the worry is customers upgrades come with one time subsidy costs, hurting earnings. after casting a shadow over technology, apple shares found buyers today. the stock rebounded from an 11 montlow to gn 4.1%, closing back over $500 per share. morgan stanley dismissed rumors and worries over iphone sales. apple earnings for the holiday period will be out a week from tonight. in the financial industry, while there was plenty of focus on j.p. morgan and goldman sachs, which we reported on earlier, two so-called trust banks also were in focus. bank of new york mellon fell 2.8%. shares were at a 52 week high a week and a half go. while quarterly profits as in as expected, expenses were higher than expected thanks to higher compensation and services costs. higher costs also hit shares of northern trust. it's stock fell 5.7%. both banks reported big drops in income from foreign exchange currency, driven down by a lack of currency volatility. but overall re
can face mark sanford, the disgraced exgovernor. >> up next, faa officials weighing in on the battery problem that grounded all boeing 767s. >> and lance armstrong's doping confession, we talked to a author who wrote the book on doping and weighs in on this disgraced cyclist. >> disturbing video of a vicious attack on a subway platform. he then pushes and pulls this woman on to the track autos and the move from the tsa today on the controversial airport scanners. that is coming >> i view this situation as one big lie. i repeated a lot of times. >> part two of the interview with disgraced cyclist lance armstrong airs tonight. admitting that he lied for years is not satisfying many critics. >> armstrong's confession set a record for her network with 4.3 million viewers. the union says it's an important step towards repairing. abc 7 news has local and national reaction to the admission. >> all of the faults and blame here falls on me. >> lance armstrong made his apology. lance williams, the journalist who helped uncover balco scandal says it's less than stunning. >> he admitted stuff, de
batteries. >> from sanford a leading expert weighs in on the intersection of the martin luther king holiday and inauguration day. stay with us. the news at 6:00 continues. >>> the obama administration confirms tonight one american is kaed, several others still being held hostage. the hostages being neld a natural gas complex in a remote section of the country. at least 12 hostages from various other countries have been killed despite a rescue effort. militants targeted the plant wednesday, it's unclear at this point how many remain. >> will not rest until we restore security to this vital region. and to bring those who would terrorize and kill innocent people to justice. >> militants are willing to exchange them for two prisoners in the u.s.. one is the sheek that masterminded the 2003 world trade center bombing. >> lance armstrong will reveal more of his secret life tonight after hiding years of cheating. he sat down with an interview with oprah winfrey. he confessed to using a variety of banned substances and taking blood transfusions and injecting performance-enhacing drugs. >> i view th
seat. and several republicans, including the state's former governor, mark sanford, are after it. the colberts are natives of charleston, south carolina. ahead at eight-30. the flu 3. been o'brya >> brighton brian: is cool it is cool, with upper 20s. with a cold start for tomorrow. warm temperatures and once again mid-60s sunday it shaping up to be very similar. a warm afternoon, plenty of sunshine. and the same on martin luther king day. we will see lots of sunshine impose afternoon temperatures will see mid- 60s. for tomorrow, just mid- 60s. 64 in san jose, milpitas. a little bit closer for the central valley. but 60s for the bay, hayward, union city. and san francisco will seeing the north bay valleys could also see some fog. that could limit visibility. oakland, 64 degrees. and a look at your holiday weekend and next week with lots of sunshine and warm afternoon temperatures in the 60s. remember, the mornings are going to be cold. temperatures will be cold. stormy weather patterns. right now, just some threats of storms. >> is that time of year reckon, sk that year-again, wit
right. college hoops and sanford men are taking on the uts. the two handed jam there. the career day and 19 off the bench. four for four from three-point land. they are 3 and 4 and 87-56 your final. for the with em and stanford hosting colorado. she is out muscling her opponent down low. she makes a living down low. 69-56 is the final. the australian open came to a close today down under. the former stanford stars won their 13th grand slam doubles title. djokovic won an unprecedented third straight in the men's final. these two faced off in last year's u.s. open with murray winning his first major. djokovic slips and gets the ball back. murray thinks it is an easy winner, but djokovic never gives up. know vac wins a second in the tiebreaker. it came in a third set and novak takes advantage and rolled on from there. a short rally and murray finds it. djokovic wins it becoming the first to win three straight in the modern era. >> what a joy. it is an incredible feeling winning this trophy once more. it is my most successful grand slam i love the sport. >> after a fog delay yesterday th
in japan. we'll look at the investigation. >>> plus former governor mark sanford's bid to return to politics. >>> and fortune's magazine list of companies to work for. >>> for now that is the news on this wednesday morning. as always, i appreciate you watching. i'm terrell brown in new york. take care, everybody. have a great day. -- captions by vitac -- >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald >>> hi, everyone. good morning. it's wednesday. i think we're all ready. february 16. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is just about 4:30. of course, we're ready! we have our coffee this morning. >> and coffee is a wonderful thing. >> one of the first things we check on, is the coffeemaker working today! you need it today and, of course, some hot chocolate, too. very chilly temperatures. looks like much warmer temperatures are on the way. >> that is it? >> that is it! >> time to talk about traffic! out the door we have a lot of overnight roadwork out there including stretches of 880 southbound between 980 and
martin. it happened inside a gated community in sanford, florida, last february. zimmerman's lawyers are trying to get june's trial date pushed back to november. his attorney put up a request on line asking for public donations. he wants to raise $30,000 a month for zimmerman's defense. so far his attorneys have spent more than $300,000 on fees and living expenses for zimmerman. >>> and this morning, a gun control task force now has ideas from people of newtown, connecticut, on curbing violence. hundreds packed an auditorium to offer their suggestions. it was the first public hearing in newtown since 26 people were killed at sandy hook elementary in december. the task force was created in response to that tragedy. speakers included families of the victims, first responders, and community leaders. >>> think you're a sound sleeper? you probably have nothing on one northwest d.c. woman. mica rothman was taking a nap on tuesday afternoon when a burglar busted into her house. police say he stole laptops, credit cards and an iphone among other items. an officer spotted the alleged burglar
and chapel lane. it will be shut down from sanford to cook lane. stick with frederick as an alternate route. heading downtown, 83 as we check in and look live north of the beltway is in great shape. no delays whatsoever. it's going take a normal 11 minutes southbound from the beltway to east fayette street. and as we look at the other abc2 timesaver traffic drive times no problems on the beltway. east side is nice and clear on outer loop from 95 up to 83. that stretch will take you 11 minutes and you're look at 11 minutes on the west side traveling the outer loop from 795 down to 95. megan and charley over to you. >>> five days until superbowl 47 and today is media day. we will hear more from our baltimore ravens. >> yeah. thousands showed up at the inner harbor yesterday to wish the guys good luck as they headed to new orleans. >> we love you. we are going to give it everything we got. baltimore, we love you. >> ed reed singing two tickets to paradise and the ravens were off to the big easy. jamie costello was there to greet them when the plane touched down. >> reporter: from baltimore to
.com. >>> 8:17. new this morning, former south carolina governor mark sanford is runner for his old seat in congress after a break from politics. sanford, a republican said this morning he wants to go back to washington because he believes that spending is threatening the country's future. he was considered a possible presidential contender until he revealed back in 2009 that he had an affair with a woman from argentina who is now his fiancee. he finished out his term in 2011 and did not run for another office. >>> in new york city, parents had to send their kids to school by subway or make other arrangements after school bus drivers went on strike. drivers walked off the job early this morning. the union is upset that the city put its bus contracts up for bid with no job guarantees for drivers. the strike affects more than 150,000 students and about a third of them are disabled. school officials handed out metro cards so students could take the subway and city buses. >>> san francisco could soon require more than just construction companies to give preference to city residents when they
on and on and on. >>> disgraced south carolina governor mark sanford, former governor, has made it official. he will run for the state's open congressional seat. two days after his ex-wife jenny announced she would not run for it. you may remember mark sanford's political career and marriage scrum belled after he admitted to an affair with a tv reporter in argentina in 2009. an old college friend convinced him, congress is where he should go next. >> he called me, mark, you got to do this. talking about debt, deficit, government spending, 15, 20 years ago when no one was much focused on it here is a chance to take what you learned on the way up, what you learned on the way down. what you learned in congress before, the governorship and apply it to the debate of our time. >>> piers morgan will have an exclusive interview at 10:00 p.m. eastern on cnn. >>> quint se conrad bain, the d different strokes, has died. only one surviving member, willis. >> such a great show. you think of all of the drama cast members had over the years. >> i don't remember. i don't think i was born then. >> that show was
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